2nd Gen Apple Watch Ultra and A Larger than 30-inch iMac Tipped to Launch in Fall

According to the latest edition of the Bloomberg Power On newsletter by Mark Gurman, Apple has unveiled its upcoming product roadmap, which includes the highly anticipated release of the iPhone 15 series later this autumn. Additionally, customers can look forward to the debut of the Apple Watch Series 9 and an enhanced iteration (second-gen) of the Apple Watch Ultra.

According to Mark Gurman’s report, it seems that we may have to wait a bit longer for significant updates to the Mac lineup. The highly anticipated M3 MacBook and MacBook Pro devices are not anticipated to make their debut until later in the year, possibly extending into early 2024.

Interestingly, Gurman mentions that Apple is working on new iMacs with 24-inch screens, which would mark a notable leap from the M2 generation that was skipped entirely. Additionally, there are indications of an exciting development—a fresh iMac model boasting a screen larger than 30 inches. This particular release could potentially serve as the much-awaited successor to the iMac Pro and could be powered by Apple Silicon, representing a significant milestone for the product line.

To provide some context, it’s worth noting that the previous generation of the iMac Pro, which had a 27-inch display, was equipped with Intel Xeon processors. Given the trajectory of Apple’s transition to its proprietary Apple Silicon architecture, it would make sense for a potential successor to the iMac Pro to align with the Apple Silicon Ultra chip platform, similar to what we have seen in the Mac Studio and Mac Pro models.

The report by Mark Gurman does not provide specific details about the specifications of the iMac with a screen larger than 30 inches, as it is still in the early stages of development. Therefore, at this point, it remains uncertain whether this iMac model will feature an M3 chip, M3 Pro, M3 Ultra, or potentially an entirely different chip variant. 

In addition to the aforementioned updates to the Mac lineup, Mark Gurman’s report also emphasized that Apple has plans to enhance their iPad offerings in 2024. This includes the development of iPad Pro models equipped with OLED screens, which would likely bring improvements in display quality and energy efficiency to the high-end tablet range. Furthermore, an updated version of the iPad Air is also expected to be part of Apple’s product roadmap for 2024.

Apple also has plans for several other products that are currently in the early stages of development. Among them are the third-generation AirPods Pro. Additionally, Apple is reportedly working on a new Apple TV set-top box, suggesting potential improvements in performance, content delivery, and overall user experience for their streaming media device.

Furthermore, the report mentions that Apple is exploring the development of various smart home products. While specific details about these products are not provided, it indicates Apple’s continued interest in expanding their presence in the smart home ecosystem.



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