Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Enters Final Stages of Production

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) just around the corner, more information is emerging about the company’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset. According to a report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Apple’s mixed reality headset is now in the final stages of development and is expected to enter the supply chain delivery phase soon.

According to a recent report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, GIS, a subsidiary of Foxconn, has been included in the supply chain of Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset to provide lens lamination. This comes as a surprise as Foxconn was initially thought to have been excluded from the supply chain, with Luxshare being the sole assembler for the device. GIS is known for laminating iPad displays for Apple and has a high yield rate, making it a valuable addition to the mixed-reality headset’s supply chain.

This latest report on Apple’s mixed-reality headset is a significant development that sheds light on the device’s supply chain and potential release date. The involvement of GIS, a subsidiary of Foxconn, in the headset’s supply chain suggests that Apple is ramping up production and ensuring a high yield rate for the lenses. GIS’s experience in laminating iPad displays for Apple and its reputation for high yield rates make it a reliable partner for the production of the mixed-reality headset lenses.

Moreover, GIS’s dedicated production line for lens lamination in its plant in Chengdu, China, indicates that the device’s launch is imminent. The mobilization schedule for the supplier’s production line is in line with other reports, which suggests that Apple’s mixed-reality headset will be unveiled at WWDC in June as expected, before launching sometime in the following months. This news is particularly exciting for Apple fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the company’s highly anticipated mixed-reality headset.

The inclusion of Foxconn in the supply chain for the second-generation Apple headset is also noteworthy. This move lays the groundwork for Foxconn to participate more widely in the production of the device, specifically in supplying the cheaper model in Apple’s second-generation headset lineup.

Furthermore, Mark Gurman’s recent newsletter provides more details about the MR headset’s battery pack and charger. The MR headset’s battery pack will reportedly be as big as an iPhone but a bit thicker and will charge via USB-C. This news is essential for potential buyers who may be concerned about the headset’s battery life and charging capabilities. With the device now in the “final sprint” and supply chain delivery stage, more details about its features and release date may be revealed soon.

Overall, the latest report and Gurman’s newsletter provide compelling evidence that Apple’s mixed-reality headset is nearing its release. With WWDC just around the corner, many are eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the device and what unique and immersive experiences it will offer to users. The device is expected to take advantage of the growing trend towards metaverse technology, and its release could mark a significant shift in the way we interact with digital content.


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