Apple’s October 23 Event Confirmed, iPad Mini 7.85 inch Tablet expected

iPad Mini Black

Numerous rumors about the Apple event on October 23 have been out and many are reporting that the Apple will be announcing the rumored Apple’s iPad Mini along with Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display at the event. It appears to be Apple’s smaller tablet device is said to be carrying a display measuring 7.85 inches diagonally.

AllThingsD reported last week that the October 23 event will be held for iPad Mini but the sources declined to specify where the event is to be held and the event location could not be confirmed. It is further reported that the location of the event is unconfirmed, but is believed that the event will likely be held in Apple’s Town Hall auditorium located in their corporate headquarters in Cupertino later this month. The Mobile Corporation has debuted a number of important products there in the past — OS X Lion, a next-generation MacBook Air and the iPhone 4S — so there’s plenty of instances.

iPad Mini

Rumors have been increasing about the smaller iPad for months now. It has been said that it will have a 7.85-inch screen with the same Lightning Dock Connector as you found on the new Apple’s iPhone 5, and 3G/4G cellular connectivity. Some images of the tablet have been leaked, and The Wall Street Journal reported a few weeks ago that mass production of the smaller tablet had begun. We had reported several unconfirmed reports about the production of the iPad mini. Apple may have ordered 10 million iPad mini parts from its manufacturers. the expectations are high with the new smaller version of the iPad.

Apple hasn’t officially said anything regarding on iPad mini’s pricing or a late-October media event yet.

Source: Reuters

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