Apple’s Reality Pro Headset Has the Potential to Blow Away Consumers, says Anonymous Tester

Reality Pro Rumors

As per the latest rumors, Apple is reportedly planning to launch its long-awaited Reality Pro aka mixed reality headset during the WWDC event in June. There is a prevailing doubt whether the product will be embraced by consumers, mainly due to its rumored exorbitant price of $3,000 and the underwhelming performance of similar offerings from competitors such as Sony and Meta.

Although there are doubts regarding its success, a purported insider who has had a chance to experience the product claims that it left a remarkable impression on them.

One individual who has had the chance to test Apple’s mixed reality headset has expressed enthusiasm for the device. Evan Blass, a well-known leaker with a track record of accurately revealing Apple’s plans, shared that a person who has demoed the headset on multiple occasions went from initially being disappointed by its “underwhelming” features to being impressed by the overall experience and hardware after several months.

As per this individual, who has shared that a person who has had the opportunity to test the mixed reality headset claims that Apple has made significant progress in both the hardware and software aspects of the device.

In a subsequent post on Thursday, Blass expressed how impressed he was with the progress Apple has made on both the hardware and software of the mixed reality headset. He wrote, “The strides they have taken since late last year are monumental. I was initially skeptical, but now I am completely impressed and ready to make a purchase.”

Apple has been laboring on its AR/VR headset for years, and its release has faced multiple delays as the company worked to tackle development hurdles with both the hardware and software. However, the tech giant is finally prepared to showcase it and is anticipated to reveal it at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Earlier reports from Bloomberg indicated that Apple showcased the Reality Pro headset to executives at an internal event in March held at the Steve Jobs Theater. Despite facing several delays over the years, the latest information suggests that the device is still set to be unveiled at WWDC in June.

In March, The New York Times reported that some Apple employees expressed doubts about the potential success of the headset. These employees questioned whether the device is a “solution searching for a problem” and whether it has the same clarity of purpose as other successful Apple products.

The AR/VR headset is expected to follow in the footsteps of the early Apple Watch, offering limited functionality and a high price tag of over $3,000. However, Apple plans to continue refining the device over time, with newer models already in the works. Just as with the Apple Watch, which started off with limited features but quickly became an essential device for many users, the AR/VR headset is expected to improve in technical capabilities and functionality with each iteration.

Apple’s upcoming headset, tentatively named “Reality Pro” or “Reality One,” will be the company’s first new product category since the release of the Apple Watch. It will come equipped with dual 4K micro OLED displays sourced from Sony, boasting a total resolution of 8K. The headset will also be equipped with more than 12 cameras for a range of functions, including mapping the user’s surroundings, interpreting gestures and facial expressions, and more.

The headset’s design is also noteworthy, with a sleek and curved visor constructed from lightweight materials such as aluminum, glass, and carbon fiber. To ensure that the headset remains comfortable during prolonged use, Apple has decided to keep its weight low. This is achieved by opting for a separate battery worn at the waist, rather than a built-in battery. By doing so, Apple can avoid adding too much weight to the headset, which would be uncomfortable for users.

In conclusion, the Reality Pro headset represents a major leap forward in the world of AR/VR technology. With its impressive specifications, sleek design, and advanced camera technology, it is sure to be a hit with Apple fans and tech enthusiasts alike. Although it remains to be seen how successful the product will be in the long term, there is no doubt that it is one of Apple’s most exciting new product categories since the launch of the Apple Watch.


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