Apple seeds third beta of watchOS 9.5, and tvOS 16.5 to developers

On Tuesday, Apple released the third beta versions of its macOS Ventura 13.4, watchOS 9.5, and tvOS 16.5 to developers, as part of its ongoing testing process. The release of these updates comes a month after Apple first started testing with the new beta versions. The article about macOS Ventura 13.4 beta 3 update has already been reported in another article.

The watchOS 9.5 beta 3 comes with a build number of 20T5549e, while tvOS 16.5 beta 3 has a build number of 20L5549e. As of now, there are no major feature updates available in these beta releases, but they include under-the-hood performance improvements and bug fixes.

These updates are only available for developers at the moment, and can be downloaded through the Apple Developer Center. Once the appropriate profile is installed, the betas can be accessed through the Software Update mechanism in System Settings. It’s worth noting that an Apple ID associated with a developer account or a public beta account is required to download and install the beta versions.

One big change coming with watchOS 9.5 is the new system for installing betas that was introduced with iOS 16.4. This operating system now asks for the Apple ID to show and download operating system beta updates.

One of the significant changes coming with watchOS 9.5 is the new simplified system for installing betas that was first introduced with iOS 16.4. This system now prompts users to input their Apple ID to access and download the operating system beta updates.

Users will be prompted to enter their Apple ID to display and download operating system beta updates. The system will then verify if the account is associated with a registered user in the public beta program or a developer account. Once confirmed, the beta update available for that program will be displayed. This change means that regular users won’t be able to install developer betas anymore.

Along with the release of the third beta for watchOS 9.5 and tvOS 16.5, Apple has also released the third beta for iOS 16.5. This update brings new screen recording commands to Siri, allowing users to start or stop screen recordings using the virtual assistant. In addition, iOS 16.5 also includes a dedicated Sports tab in the Apple News app, which has been a popular request among sports fans. The update is expected to be released to the general public sometime in May.

Apple typically releases beta updates for developers and public testers before releasing the final version of the software to the general public. The timing for public release can vary, but it’s usually a few weeks after the final beta release.


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