Apple Store Goes Down Hours Ahead of iPhone 5 Announcement

Apple Store Goes Down Hours Ahead of iPhone 5 Announcement

Over the past few years, Apple has been following a standard procedure for any of its products announcements in order to update its online stores with the new product (s). As usual, the Apple Store This year’s iPhone is expected to be called iPhone 5 or The New iPhone, and it will replace the current generation iPhone 4S. Apple is also rumored to announce the brand new iPod touch and the first ever 7-inch iPad mini tablet at the same event. The event will kick start at 10am PCT at the Yerba Buena arts center in the San Francisco.

Just few hours left and before the event and Apple online Store is down and the online store now redirects you to their placeholder page with the white sticky note with the message of “We’ll Be Back Soon.” We still wonder Apple needs to take its site off-line to update its stores.

Everybody is pretty sure that the new iPhone will be announced with LTE 4G connectivity, and other rumored features are including a larger screen (4.6-inch) with Retina resolution, a new metal body a faster quad-core processor, scratch-resistant glass, mini dock, an improved camera, NFC functionality, thinner profile, better battery, iWallet feature to make credit card transactions using NFC chip and more.

The store should go back up online once Apple’s new CEO Tim takes the stage and announces the new product(s). New OS releases and software updates will also be announced during this event. Stay tuned to Gadgetian.


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