Unlocked iPhone 4 Now Available In The US For $649

Unlocked iPhone 4 US sale at Apple Stores

As a follow up to our yesterday’s post about the plausible sale of the unlocked iPhone 4 in the Apple Stores across the US, it has now been confirmed that the Apple indeed is selling the unlocked iPhone 4 (both black and white versions). While we are expecting it to happen on Wednesday but Apple has surprised everyone by launching the unlocked iPhone 4 in the US on Monday night. Apple’s online store has been updated with the listings of iPhone 4 unlocked (GSM) models. A 16GB unlocked iPhone 4 white/black will cost you $649 while the 32GB model has been priced at $749 without AT&T’s subsidy.

If you are wondering how different is an unlocked GSM iPhone 4 is going to be compared to the standard carrier-specific AT&T and Verizon iPhone sold in the US, you need to be aware of the working of iPhone in some European and other countries, where the iPhone owners can switch between networks by simply replacing the SIM cards. Of course with this new unlocked iPhone 4, you can also switch networks between AT&T and T-Mobile provided you have the network specific microSIM. However the currently available unlocked iPhone 4 models will support only AT&T 3G  bands while they also support voice calls and EDGE data over T-Mobile. However, these models support most of the 3G networks operated in other countries. So if you are an avid international traveller, you might grab one unlocked iPhone 4 to use it abroad by with the local SIM cards available there.

[Source: Apple] [Via: Engadget]

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