Asus made Google Nexus 7 catches fire with full of smoke!

Google Nexus 7 Caught Fire

Last month, Google unveiled the Nexus 7 32GB and 3G editions along with the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet and LG Nexus 4 device. The 3G capable Nexus 7 is compatible with 200 GSM carriers worldwide including AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States.

The 7-inch LED-backlit IPS display made by Asus is small, compact, well equipped and well furnished. However, we have a bad news, pictures of a Nexus 7 shows it caught fire with spontaneous combustion of the battery from a Chinese mobile user.

This week, we had also reported that Darcy Lacouuvee, founder of Android Authority performed a drop test by dropping Apple’s iPad mini and Google’s Nexus 7 a total of three times from 4.5 feet high. After performing the drop test, he found the iPad mini still worked but the nexus 7 ended up with more scratches and dents. Finally he claimed that Apple’s iPad mini is better than Google Nexus 7.

Now, a Chinese mobile owner hong 999990 reported that his Google Nexus 7 caught fire stating  “Tragedy, my nexus 7 charging process of spontaneous combustion occurred in the early hours of the morning, the room full of smoke billowing, but fortunately no fire, we care ah! “

Nexus 7 caught fire

However, it is considered as a good device for its quality and pricing rate and no one can imagine that the 4325 mAh battery with capable of giving 9.5 hours usage with normal use can overheat, melt and catch fire.

The 16GB Asus-built Nexus 7 edition will be available for $199 and the 32GB edition will go for $249. You can grab the HSPA+ capable 32GB nexus 7 for $299 on Google Play Store from November 13.

Nexus 7 Caught Fire

As of now, there is no confirmation whether the combustion was caused by inexperience or negligence of the owner or the device had problems in the power supply circuit. After contacting ASUS to define the issues relating to the guarantee of the product, the company has offered to replace the tablet smoothly with great joy to the user.

Source:Notebook Italia Via: IntoMobile

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