AT&T Brings FaceTime Over LTE Only on Tiered and Shared Data Plans

Face Time Video Calling to AT&T

Yesterday, AT&T announced that they will support FaceTime application not only on their Share Plans but also on all their tiered data plans with an LTE device.

AT&T’s senior executive vice president-external and legislative affairs Jim Cicconi stated that they decided to open the FaceTime application, since AT&T has more iPhones than any other carrier, they wanted to take a cautious approach with FaceTime over cellular to avoid choking the network. When Apple rolls out new services or changes, as it did in iOS 6, it can have a much greater and more immediate impact on AT&T’s network.

FaceTime Video Calling Feature was firstly offered by Apple on its latest version of iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads over a cellular data connection. However, AT&T decided to block the feature from customers who didn’t have a shared data plan.

Facetime video Calling

The carrier is planning to be made available this Video Calling Feature to LTE Customers on tiered data plans & deaf and hard of hearing Customers with qualifying Plans. AT&T further stated that this is a part of their ongoing commitment to their customers with disabilities and it is necessary for them.

AT&T’s FaceTime application is expected to be available over the next 8-10 weeks. But unfortunately, the Video Calling Feature will work only if you have a tiered or shared data plan. If you are one of the existing unlimited data plan subscribers, you’ll only be able to use FaceTime over Wi-Fi.

Via:Business Insider

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