[Download] AT&T Call International App For Android, iPhone, BlackBerry Available Now

AT&T Call International App

Attention for AT&T customers. Want to make international calls for cheaper call rates? Well, AT&T has officially launched a new VoIP app called, “AT&T Call International”. This app will let you to make international phone calls from your AT&T’s handsets using a Wi-Fi connection anywhere in the world for more affordable call rates (can make calls from foreign countries to the U.S.) AT&T’s per-minute VoIP call rates are much affordable than its international roaming plans. The app’s call rates begin at $0.02 per minute for calls to Canada and at $0.04 per minute for calls to the UK, Germany, France & China, $0.08/minute for Mexico, $0.09/minute for India.

AT&T’s VoIP app works on select Android, iPhone and BlackBerry models. Some Android models can place Wi-Fi calls internationally. The service bills users directly from the app on their credit cards at the end of each monthly billing cycle. Calling rates vary by country. The AT&T Call International app allows for calling to more than 220 countries. You can see the countries list on AT&T’s web page (hit the link). You can download the app from Android Market, Apple’s iOS Store and BlackBerry App World for free or else you can go through the following links.

Download Links: Android Market, Apple iOS Store, BlackBerry App World.

Check out the App’s Compatible Handset List (hit the link)

How To Make Call

Handset should be connected to Wi-Fi connection –> Open the AT&T Call International App –> Dial the international number( [+country code] [number]) –> and click “Call”.

AT&T Call International App AT&T Call International App

AT&T Call International App AT&T Call International App

AT&T Call International App AT&T Call International App

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