AT&T Samsung Focus, LG Quantum’s ‘NoDo’ Update Available To Download Now

NoDo Update For AT&T Samsung Focus, LG Quantum

If you are holding for the ‘NoDo’ update on your AT&T branded Windows Phone 7 smartphones. You can now download the ‘NoDo’ update for the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum handsets. HTC Surround is still required additional testing by both Microsoft and AT&T" before it gets pushed out. AT&T expects to roll out the NoDo update in mid-May for the HTC Surround handset.

The new ‘NoDo’ update brings the following features:

# Copy / Paste Functionality.
# CDMA Location Support.
# Various Bug Fixes.
# Faster Start & Resume For Apps.
# Marketplace Search Improvement.
# Improved Wi-Fi Performance.
# A whole host of Outlook, audio, camera, messaging, and Facebook account sync improvements.
# Stability while switching between video and still camera modes.
# Better application and game performance.

Along with the above features, with the help of this ‘NoDo’ update, owners of AT&T Focus and Quantum will also get “WISPr” protocol support – Windows Phone to automatically switch over to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots when in range and the other feature is “AT&T Address Book” – which acts as a wireless tool between your own phone and the online address book.

WP7 NoDo Update For AT&T Samsung Focus

Still there is now word on how long this update will take for everyone to get it on their Windows Phone 7 powered handsets. Keep copying and pasting on your WP7 handsets..!

[Source: Engadget]

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