AT&T HTC One’s Bootloader Unlocked via, Root Applied and CWM Recovery Installed


HTC has gained good reputation around the Android development community since it announced bootloader unlock web tool in 2011. The company has recently announced the pre-order availability of the HTC One with bootloader and HTC One Developer Edition. AT&T is prepping to sell its edition of the HTC One handset from April 19th, but some stores have already begun selling it to some lucky folks.

Good news is that you will be able to unlock the bootloader of AT&T branded HTC One handset using a simple application and iy can have its bootloader unlock, root applied and install CWM Recovery. According to a XDA Developers Forum, the HTC Dev site will unlock AT&T connected HTC One’s bootloader and the process (which also covers methods used to root and install ClockWorkMod recovery) to do it is essentially the same as it is for the international version of the HTC One. If you’re bothered by the HTC One on AT&T and eagerly waiting to get your hands on some custom ROMs and kernels, then rejoice, this is a pretty exciting news because you don’t need to spend $649.99 to grab the developer edition of the HTC One handset.

Before pulling the trigger, please remember that this unlocking tool should only be used by folks who have got a deep knowledge in rooting and hacking Android hardware. Unlocking the AT&T HTC One’s bootloader will wipe wipe everything off your phone and some of the preinstalled apps will be also removed – Calculator, Flashlight, Ringtone Trimmer and Sound Recorder apps, and you will no longer be able to receive OTA updates on your device.

However, we advice the normal users shouldn’t attempt to root their HTC Ones tool as you will certainly brick them and then you might not be able to restore them to stock Android firmware.

Source: XDA Developers Forum

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