Microsoft Now Scheduling 7392 Update For AT&T HTC Surround

HTC Surround Gets 7392 Update

Microsoft has rolled out the ‘NoDo’ update for the Windows Phone 7 OS powered HTC Surround handset back in May. In its weekly "update on the updates" post, Windows Phone Blog writer Eric has said that the Redmond company is now scheduling a new software update for the AT&T branded HTC Surround Windows Phone. The latest update is being treated with the build number as 7392. The new 7392 update will bring the fixes to Internet Explorer’s vulnerability affecting some websites.

The source has also revealed a great news for the owners of Samsung Focus Windows Phone by confirming that AT&T’s Samsung Focus handsets’ owners will be able to get the new software update very soon. Samsung Focus users are really frustrated, as many of them haven’t still received notification informing them of an earlier available update, and Microsoft has assured them that it will not rest until the update is delivered to everyone left behind. We hope that Microsoft has finally managed to find a solution and is readying an update for Samsung Focus, but no exact date has been specified for the update roll out. Eric has noted that

We’ve worked through the last of the technical hurdles with AT&T and Samsung, and are now actively scheduling the final set of tests and the subsequent roll out of updates to Focus handsets with the alternate memory. I don’t have hard dates yet.”

So all the released Windows Phone 7 OS powered handsets will be scheduling to get the software updates, and the newly unveiled the new OS upgraded version Windows Phone 7 Mango OS (1), (2) will be rolling out later sometime in this year, which is containing a plenty of exciting features, and we are also eagerly waiting for Nokia Windows Phones, which are set to launch in the holiday season of this year.

[Source: Windows Phone Blog]

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