AT&T launches 4G LTE in Seattle and Portland ahead of iPhone 5


After a hard work, AT&T has announced its high speed 4G LTE network in Seattle and Portland just ahead of its 4G Capable iPhone 5 Launch. This makes the users to experience the faster mobile internet speed. The 4G LTE gives the mobile internet speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. The 4G LTE subscriber experiences the fastest internet speed while streaming, downloading, uploading and gaming. In several trail tests, the reader gets the downloading speed ranging between 17.1Mbps and 22Mbps.

“Seattle enjoys AT&T’s fast 4G speeds today as part of the nation’s largest 4G network, and our teams will be working hard across the city toward our upcoming 4G LTE launch,” said Mike Maxwell, AT&T’s Vice President/General Manager. “AT&T customers in Seattle can look forward to even faster speeds this year, on our leading lineup of smartphones, tablets and other devices.”

AT&T has become the only largest 4G LTE network provider in U.S after its improvement and wise investment. And AT&T is also the only one to set up two compatible 4G technologies, delivering higher speed to greater users. This mega speedy 4G network covers 275 million people with more reliable user experience.

Now customers will getting  high speed 4G outside of 4G LTE areas on 4G HSPA+ network, as AT&T is continuing expansion of its 4G LTE coverage.

The deciding factor of customers for deciding which carrier to be sign up in the coming years will the availability of LTE.

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