AT&T offering the refurbished iPhone handset 4 for $99 on contract

AT&T's Refurbished iPhone 4

Wanna get a 16GB Apple iPhone 4 at an affordable and lowest-record price? Well AT&T Wireless is now offering some amazing deals and has slashed a $50 on its refurbished iPhone 4 handsets. You can purchase a 16GB iPhone model with an activation of a new 2-year agreement for just $99. If you don’t mind with iPhone 4 which have some wear and tear, you can get an iPhone 16GB with cosmetic blush for $79. Additionally, you can also purchase the 32 GB iPhone 4 for $199, or $179 with a cosmetic blemish.

The 8GB iPhone 3GS is also being offered for $29 in good-as-new quality. Remember that refurbished units are tested for quality and performance before being kept for resold and AT&T’s pricing cuts must to be noted because these prices are not usual for Apple & AT&T, whose prices have remained relatively expensive even for refurbished units. And yah, Apple’s refurbished gear is literally good as new, right down to the warranty.


You can get these refurbished and cosmetic blush iPhone 4 models here at AT&T Online Stores. Please note that you can probably get by on the $39.99/month voice plan. Check out the following pricing list.

# iPhone 4 16GB refurbished for $99 (previously it was $149.99)
# iPhone 4 16B with cosmetic blush for $79
# iPhone 4 32GB refurbished for $199 (previously it was $249.99)
# iPhone 4 32GB with cosmetic blush for $179

AT&T's Refurbished iPhone 4 Pricing

Source: AT&T
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