Axon 40 Ultra, Nubia Z40S Pro and Z40 Pro receive stable Android 13 Update from ZTE

ZTE’s smartphones have gained a reputation for being high-performing, but the company has often faced criticism for its lackluster approach to providing software updates for its devices. In comparison to its competitors, ZTE has been slow to release updates, leaving many users frustrated and feeling left behind.

However, the company seems to be making a change, as it has now announced the rollout of Android 13-based MyOS 13 update for several of its flagship phones, including the Axon 40 Ultra, Nubia Z40S Pro, and Z40 Pro. The update is currently available in mainland China, and users can expect improved features and enhanced performance. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this update.

As per the source, The latest update, which includes the Android 13 operating system and MyOS 13, has a total package size of 1.79GB. Prior to updating, it is highly recommended to backup any critical data to avoid potential data loss.

It is worth noting that after the MyOS 13 update is installed, it is normal for the device to take some time to boot up for the first time. Users are advised not to force shut down the device during this process. Moreover, during the initialization phase, the device may experience slight heat, which is a normal occurrence and will subside after a while. If any third-party applications are not functioning correctly after the update, it is recommended to update them to their latest version.

Here’s the changelog of the update:

  • Design:
    • New personalized artist color system with support for wallpaper color selection
    • Gaussian blur effect support switch added
    • Contact avatar supports character extraction
    • More smooth and comfortable animation effects
    • Small icon at the top of the status bar and fingerprint recognition icon style optimization
    • Shape and color settings support more controls and interfaces
  • Performance:
    • More precise intelligent scene control to improve fluency and battery life in all scenes
    • Faster app installation speed
    • More stable game frame rate update


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