Best Buy Mobile offering iPhone 3GS for free on tomorrow

Apple iPhone 3GS

Recently, RadioShack has begun offering 50% discount on Apple’s iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS through a limited-time promotion and now Best Buy is undercutting Radio Shack with a Free offer. Yes! Best Buy Mobile is offering iPhone 3GS for free for one day only on tomorrow i.e., December 10th, Friday. They will be offering the 8GB version for free of cost with a 2-year customer deal and this offer is applicable to both new line, additional lines and fresh upgrades. As usual Best Buy offer is available rebate-free.

BestBuy to offer Free iPhone 3GS

So you can get an iPhone 3GS for Free with a 2-year contract and it will cost you $325 if you wanna pay the full price with out AT&T carrier contract. So guys will you get a free old iPhone 3GS, which has released out 1.5 years ago or you go with radio Shack offer where you can get $50 off iPhone prices on brand new devices and unprecedented trade-in credits of up to $125 for a functional 3GS phone. Pricing details are

  • iPhone 3GS: $49.99
  • iPhone 4 (16GB): $149.99
  • iPhone 4 (32GB): $249.99

As part of The Radio Shack’s Trade & Save program, existing iPhone users can receive $75 for their 3G model or $125 again for the 3GS model and the 16GB iPhone 4 can be giving away for  $24.99. Note that the phone should be functional and screen isn’t cracked with good worked condition, which cannot be unlocked. Then only you should be able to receive the full amount.

Radio Shack offer is applicable from December 4th to December 11th with a two-year agreement.

You can trade and save your old phone without turning in your charger, they just give you less money because you are giving them less merchandise.

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