Microsoft Brings Bing App For iPad [Download]

Bing App For iPad

Microsoft has officially released its own web search engine app – the Bing app for Apple iPad, making it the first Microsoft app for iPad.

The iPad-specific version of the Bing app brings a few unique features to the table, and is optimized for larger screens. The app lets you to search images and videos, and the app even includes voice search so you can speak to your iPad instead of typing on the tablet. It will bring you the Bing Maps with with turn-by-turn directions and real-time transit info, and local search results, local weather, news, movies and trends.

Coming to ‘Trends’ feature, The app lists the trends for each day as a pattern of photos, lets you to travel back and view previous day’s trends. The dedicated movie- and trailer-searching section will help for regular movie-goers. The app brings Bing’s image-intense search experience to the tablet device. The image search results are shown in a clean and neat grid view. Tapping on each image takes you to the results for that topic – larger view with information on the image size and the source page where the image lives.


The Bing app for iPad is now available for Free here at iTunes Store (hit the link), which is weighing of 8MB of size. The app is applicable for both the iPad 1 and iPad 2, which are required to be running with iOS 4.2. Check out more screenshots after the break.

Bing App For iPad

Bing App For iPad

[Source: iTunes]

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