BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices on sale at eBay: Is it Legal?

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices pop up on eBay

Some eBay have listed and sold a number of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha units. It is also reported that we will see more Dev Alpha devices pop up on eBay in the coming weeks. It seems a couple of Blackberry 10 Dev Alphas were sold on eBay for $900 and $999 (not sure if the buyer has paid the buyer yet!). It should be noted that these devices are meant for developers and testers only, and are clearly marked as “property of RIM” and it is “not for sale”.

The sellers seems to have listed in the description that they are selling these devices as they will not be returning the product to RIM. Even if we believe that to be true, these devices are not meant for sale. Some even suggest that these transactions may be illegal and RIM can even file a civil or a criminal(under stolen property) suit against the sellers. The buyers can also be liable in these cases.

Last week, we reported that a full touch screen smartphone “BlackBerry Z10” sitting in between two full QWERTY versions of RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones. One QWERTY Keyboard smartphone is the rumored N-Series smartphone, which is expected to be called as BlackBerry X10. Another BlackBerry 10 device shown in white color with QWERTY version is expected to be the Dev Alpha, a BlackBerry 10 smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard which was revealed by RIM. This smartphone is only for developers who are looking to test their Blackberry 10 apps.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha On Sale

RIM sent out media invitations for a special event to be held in New York on January 30 where it will officially launch its brand OS, Blackberry 10 and its smartphones.

Source: BlackBerryOS

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