Blackberry 4G PlayBook Poses For The Camera; Features BBM Support

Blackberry 4G PlayBook Leak

Yes, folks. What you are looking at here is a BlackBerry 4G PlayBook, which is yet be officially by RIM. The Wi-Fi edition of the BlackBerry PlayBook was released in the 2nd half of the last year. Recently, according to a leaked roadmap, we learned that RIM is planning to announce the 4G LTE capable BB PlayBook. We also heard about an HSPA+ enabled version of the OkayBook tablet set for May release. The members over CrackBerry Forums have received a couple of images via an anonymous tipster showing off the new PlayBook editions with 4G LTE logo painted on the side of the device.

Of what is shown, the most notable difference (aside from the Wi-Fi variant) seems to be the addition of the SIM-card tray. You can also see the presence of an icon of the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). So the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook will be shipped preinstalled with BBM application

There should be a lot of Blackberry fans who dreamt of a BlackBerry tablet with 4G LTE radio. There is no word on specs, price, nor release window. The Blackberry 4G PlayBook is expected to release sometime later this year. We can hardly wait until RIM officially announce it. What do you guys think?

Blackberry 4G PlayBook Leak

Blackberry 4G PlayBook with BBM Support

Source: CrackBerry

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