BlackBerry Bold 9700 For T-Mobile Eats BlackBerry OS 6.0 Update – Build v6.0.0.448

BB OS 6-Update For Blackberry Bold 9700

These days, many new versions of mobile operating systems are getting released, but still the carriers and the companies will upgrade our handsets very hardly. We’ve to keep waiting for long durations to get treated by the latest OS updates. It looks like, RIM’s BlackBerry Bold 9700 is getting a software update starting from today.

Folks over BGR are saying that BlackBerry Bold 9700 for T-Mobile will be getting BlackBerry OS 6.0 update from today. But the news hasn’t yet announced by the carrier officially. We are wondering that the update has not yet gone live on both the BlackBerry and the T-Mobile websites. The released build is version

BlackBerry Bold 9700 users who connect to BlackBerry Desktop on their PCs and the booting BlackBerry Desktop should let you seize the update and users shouldn’t have any problems with the update’s installation process from the PC.

Back in December, Sprint has treated BlackBerry OS 6.0 to a couple of BlackBerry handsets, but why T-Mobile is still holding the update for BB Bold 9700, although RIM released BB OS 6 a long time ago.

BlackBerry OS 6 should get new and improved UI, improved web browser with Webkit technology, stream lined set-up process, universal search and social feeds & views, multi-touch with pinch-to-zoom capability and some more enhancements for the handsets.

[Via: BGR]

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