RIM’s BlackBerry London Leaked Again

RIM's BlackBerry London

RIM’s Blackberry London handset is no longer a secret now. We’ve already seen a leaked image of this handset before. Today, we have another leaked shot of the Blackberry London handset. But, the newly leaked presentation is sporting a very dissimilar designed handset. The folks over CrackBerry website have leaked a document, showing off the handsome design of the Blackberry London handset and the list of the features also listed on the document.

You can see that the BlackBerry London handset is running BlackBerry 10. This is boasting a completely redesigned BlackBerry handset with slim profile, which doesn’t match with any current BlackBerry handset out there. It comes with rounded corners and a a bit smaller BlackBerry logo on the bottom side of the handset. You can also observe the amount of unused space on the front-side of the phone. The rear side of the handset is having a camera with LED flash in the top left corner.

There’s no word yet on price, nor on when the Blackberry London handset might arrive. Initially, BlackBerry London is expected to arrive sometime in late September, but according to the recently leaked roadmap, the phone could hit the markets in October.

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