BlackBerry maker RIM responds to India’s Security Fears

RIM BlackBerry

RIM has finally managed to come up with a solution for Indian Government by allowing the access the end user’s messages and all BlackBerry communications. The right solution just comes ahead of the end-of-month January 31st deadline imposed by India to grant them access to the BlackBerries’ encrypted messaging service and backed with a threatened block on BlackBerry communications. But RIM has clarified that the solution did not include providing access to corporate e-mail services.

Indian agencies now can be able to monitor the BlackBerry’s messenger and public email services, but not corporate emails, the statement added. Indian authorities haven’t come up with an official announcement till now regarding this issue.

RIM wasn’t the only company from which the Indian government to to monitor encrypted data, Google and Skype also were asked to install their servers in India to allow the traffic monitoring by the local intelligence so that they can sort out the anti-terrorist issues, as terrorist are well trained in the technology sector and they are fully aware of all these things and can plot the attacks.

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