Blogger App for Android platform released by Google [Download]

Blogger App For Android Platform

Google has finally released the it’s most awaited blogging platform, official Blogger App for the Android operating system. It’s one of the most popular blogging services right now. Blogger is a pretty simple app, which allows you to easily compose a post and upload pictures that you took using your own Android phone’s camera, and user can even share their locations.

Main features of the Blogger App for android

# Support for multiple accounts and blogs – To switch between different accounts and blogs.
# O
ffline Mode –  You can write posts on your phone first, and publish them later at some other time if you don’t internet access all the time or if you need to do some reviewing later on.
# S
hare Location – Can able share your location by activating the location bar and selecting the correct location.
# P
hotos from gallery and camera – Can able to insert photos directly from your phone’s gallery.
# S
haring to Blogger from gallery or browser – Can share the favourite content in the gallery, or a website to the Blogger app directly from the sharing menu.
And some more features, such as photo sharing, list view for saved and published posts.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform at present, but this one, the Blogger App is for Google Android fanatics who can’t change their interests.


If you have a Blogger account and an Android phone, you can download the Blogger App from here at Android Market (hit the link) for Free and it is weighing 573k only carrying the version 1.0.

[Source: Android Market]

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