Bug on Samsung Galaxy S III allows lock screen bypass

Bug on Samsung Galaxy S III allows Complete lock screen bypass

Today, a bug which bypasses the lockscreen of the Samsung Galaxy S III completely  has been found. But  it seems that the bug couldn’t bypass the lockscreen completely on the Galaxy Note II, only a brief bypass was possible.

Once the lockscreen is bypassed completely, users won’t be asked to enter the PIN, password, or pattern to unlock the device. The lockscreen will not be locked even when the display times out.

In order to check whether a device is also one of the vulnerable devices affected by the bug, follow the given instructions.
1. Enter Emergency call from the lock screen
2. Open emergency contacts,
3. Press home button once,
4. Press power button quickly after the home button is pressed,
5. If successful the home screen can be accessed.

In December, last year, many users had reported sudden death issue found on their Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones but in January this year, Samsung fixed the issue and resolved the hardware failures on Galaxy S III motherboards.

Hope that the upcoming Galaxy S IV and Note II are not vulnerable to this bug. It is expected that Samsung will resolve the issue with a firmware fix at the very soonest.

Source: ZDNET

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