Buy HTC One X and if you have an iPhone get urBeat $99 Headset for free

Yesterday we had reported that the HTC One X users will be getting the latest Android OS version update, Jelly Bean 4.1 in October. Well in another attempt to attract customers, HTC has put up an exchange offer for iPhone Owners. If you have an iPhone, and if you buy the HTC One X, you will get a urBeats headset Worth $99 for free.

We are not sure if this is a good offer for those who want to go for HTC One X, currently using iPhone. HTC claims that a urBeat headset should get you rocking on a HTC One X as One X is packed with integrated Beats Audio, for enhanced music and gaming experience.


In HTC Trade Up, you can exchange your old mobile phones for money or for a HTC phone. It seems a working, not damaged 16GB iPhone 4S will get you $215. Well it is quite an under estimate don’t you think?


Source: HTC

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