[Download] Chameleon Launcher v1.0 Now Available In Play Store For $10; Finally Sheds Beta Status

Chameleon Launcher v1.0 For Android

Chameleon team has been beta testing its app for Android tablets. On September 17th, the first Release Candidate build of the Chameleon Launcher beta v0.9.5 has released for the Android users. If you are eagerly waiting for the full release of this launcher, you can grab it now. The app sheds beta label, now available in its full glory. It personalizes your tablet’s homescreen through widgets and colors.

The new Chameleon Launcher v1.0 is now available to download from the Google Play Store. Accoridng to the various reports, the app is still pretty unstable. Chameleon team has also noted that, there are still a few issues to be worked out – Gmail/Twitter widget. The team promised to bring Calendar and Google+ widgets very soon.

The Chameleon Launcher v1.0 release adds the following:

Here are some of the things included in this build:

  1. Fixed the “blank widget” problem. (For real this time [we think…]).
  2. Deactivated Dashboard Sleeping. (Needs a bit more work). They will appear as sleeping at startup, though.
  3. 7″ Tablets can now have 5 Dashboards. 10″ are limited to 4.

Chameleon Launcher v1.0 For Android

Chameleon Launcher v1.0 app costs $10.26. Hit the Play link below to grab it.

Download: Google Play Link for Chameleon Launcher

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