ChatGPT Plus premium subscription with GPT-4 now accessible in India


ChatGPT Plus is an advanced platform developed by OpenAI that features the newly-launched GPT-4, a refined AI model that promises enhanced language processing and learning capabilities. As announced on Friday via Twitter, Indian users can now enjoy early access to the latest features of ChatGPT Plus, including GPT-4. ChatGPT Plus is offered at a monthly subscription fee of US$ 20 (approximately Rs. 1650).

With this advanced technology, ChatGPT Plus can help users generate natural language, understand and summarize text, and even generate creative writing. This expansion of ChatGPT Plus subscriptions is expected to benefit many Indian users who are seeking more advanced language processing capabilities. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to access or subscribe to ChatGPT Plus with GPT-4, providing you with all the necessary information you need to unlock the full potential of this advanced language model.

OpenAI’s GPT-4, a highly-anticipated new language model that surpasses its predecessor ChatGPT based on GPT-3.5 technology. This innovative AI technology is capable of generating remarkably human-like text, and boasts superior capabilities in creativity, visual comprehension, and context handling. With GPT-4, users can not only generate high-quality content, but also collaborate on creative projects in various fields, such as music, screenplays, and technical writing.

GPT-4 is a game-changer in the world of language processing technology, as it can take a prompt of both text and images and generate remarkably sophisticated text outputs. This state-of-the-art AI model allows users to assign any vision or language task, and works seamlessly across various domains, including documents with text and photos, diagrams, and screenshots.

Here are the benefits of ChatGPT Plus:

  • Gain access to the powerful GPT-4 model on
  • The usage cap adjusts dynamically based on demand and system performance.
  • Enjoy faster response speeds for enhanced productivity and convenience.
  • Get priority access to new features as they become available.
  • Have uninterrupted access to ChatGPT Plus, even during peak demand.

GPT-4 is now available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers through data-sharing partnerships with top companies such as Morgan Stanley and Duolingo. The paid service offers early access to the latest features, including GPT-4, and guarantees faster responses, priority access to new improvements, and seamless availability even during peak demand.

source: Twitter

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