Cheapest Android mobile Motorola Ciena to release on Verizon?

One of the cheapest Android powered mobiles, Motorola Ciena(previously ‘Citrus’) may be heading to release over Verizon wireless by Motorola in soon. Previously it was rumoured to get release in September(according to Verizon road map), but it haven’t release yet. This would be a perfect apt for youth-oriented budget phone if Motorola make it happen in real. It runs on Android 2.1 OS(Eclair) with 528MHz Qualcomm chipset on board.

Motorola Ciena

Pic Source: Engadget

Motorola Ciena already leaked as ‘Motorola Citrus’(with a model name WX445) back in July/August with the same pictures above.

According to sources, Motorola Ciena may feature 3-inch QVGA (240×320 pixels) touchscreen display, 528 MHz Qualcomm processor with 256 MB RAM & 512 MB ROM, 3 megapixel fixed focus camera with out flash and 100Mb memory of user built-in storage.

The Ciena is also expected to be running Motoblur, but without the social-networking integration. It also feature ‘BackTrack’ trackpad on the back side, which is quiet similar to the previous releases Motorola BackFlip & Motorola Charm over T-mobile.

Motorola Ciena might not sport Google Services installed because of 100Mb less memory space, as we already know that Google use minimum 50Mb space to store applications for Android 2.1 OS powered devices.

Exact price and release dates of the Motorola Ciena(aka Citrus) are not known yet. Keep watching this space for further details.

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