[Download] Google Chrome Beta Channel for Android Outed on Play Store

Google Chrome Beta Channel for Android

Google brings up a nice opportunity for the folks who want to access to the latest bleeding-edge versions of the Chrome browser. Google has unleashed an official Chrome beta channel for Android. It lets you to sample all the upcoming features and improvements before they made available on the final stable version and you will get access to newer features faster. Only Android 4.x devices are compatible with this Chrome beta channel

It also offers improved Octane benchmark performance of 25-30%, and new HTML5 features such as CSS Filters. You can install Chrome beta alongside the regular Chrome installation if you want as well. This build is based on Chrome 25 and Chrome Release blog says that it is sluggish on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus handsets, and breaking on some websites. As it is a beta version, you’ll have to deal with the bugs and stability issues.

Google notes that you won’t be able to find this Chrome Beta Channel in a normal Play Store search, and also not listed under Google’s developer page. You can install it by hitting the Play Store Link at below and make sure your handset is running on Android 4.0+ version, before you proceed to give it a hot.

Play Store

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Google Chrome Beta Channel for Android    Google Chrome Beta Channel for Android

Google Chrome Beta Channel for Android

Source: Chrome Release Blog

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