[Download] Chrome v18.0.1026311 For Android Now Supports Intel x86 Devices

Chrome For Android Now Supports Intel x86 Devices

The RAZR i handset, announced by Motorola a little more than week ago, will hit the markets next month with Intel x86 based Atom (Medfield) processor running the wheels under the hood. A couple of other handsets such as ZTE Grand X IN (recently announced at IFA 2012 trade show)  and ZTE Orange San Diego handsets will also ship with Intel x86 chips. If you are planning to buy any of these handsets, we’ve some important news for you. All these handsets are lacking Google Chrome browser support and this is the only reason that might let you now to choose the most notable Intel x86 based device, RAZR i.

Google has announced that its popular web browser, Chrome for Android OS platform has been updated (with new version v18.0.1026311) to make it functioning with Intel x86 powered devices.

The new update isn’t carrying any other improvements for the app. Interested Users can download the updated Chrome OS app straight from the Google Play Store now for free. Or else hit the link below.

Download: Google Play link for Chrome

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