Dell Inspiron Duo to be launched in early December for $549(0r in next week ?)

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet

Finally, Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible Tablet/Laptop might be launching next week and will start shipping in the first week of December. This 10.1 inch touchscreen tablet first time was announced back in September. As for the price, it costs $549 (£449), which is not huge expensive for this big tablet and can also be a netbook at the same time.

This Hybrid Spinning Inspiron Duo sports Intel dual-core Atom N550 Processor with 2GB RAM, (1366 x 768 pixels) capacitive touchscreen, 250GB internal storage, Broadcom’s Crystal HD video accelerator and it packs with Windows 7 Home Premium, USB 2.0. A separate dock with integrated JBL speakers will cost an extra $100 ($649 for both the Inspiron Duo and the dock) and a 320GB with 7,200 rpm hard-drive is optional.(More storage than a regular iPad)

It also comes with 1.3-megapixel webcam, multi-format memory card reader and its battery gives around 4 hours of usage. The screen flips around as a tablet and a keypad beneath which gives a complete netbook look. The 10-inch screen can be swivels around 180 degrees, turning the device into a tablet

Pre-orders are currently being accepted at the Microsoft Store.

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet with JBL Dock

Price & Availability

The Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet/Netbook comes with a price tag of $549 and will go on sale in the first week of December.


You can pre-order this Hybrid Tablet here at Microsoft Stores.

Dell Inspiron Duo at Microsoft Stores

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