Discover the Magic of Bard with Google’s Pixel, Nest, and Google One

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Google has just expanded early access to Bard through an invite button, and it appears that they are leveraging their consumer-facing brands, such as Pixel, Nest, and Google One to encourage more people to try out the platform. This strategy may help to increase the number of users who are aware of Bard and interested in using it to interact with the AI chat service and receive relevant information sourced from the web.

After Google’s announcement of opening up access to Bard, Pixel owners reportedly received an email inviting them to try out the experimental conversational AI chat service. The email stated that Bard is an early experiment by Google, indicating that the service is still in the testing phase. This email was sent out around 90 minutes after the announcement was made. In addition to reaching out to Pixel owners, it has been reported that Google also contacted Superfans the previous day as part of its promotional efforts.

In addition to reaching out to Pixel owners, Google also utilized its Nest mailing list to invite people to try out Bard. The email invitations reportedly featured Google’s logos and wordmarks for both the Pixel/Nest brands and Bard, side-by-side. This cross-promotion of brands is a common marketing strategy used by companies to create a stronger association between their various products and services. By using this approach, Google may be hoping to generate more interest and uptake for both its AI chat service and its consumer-facing brands.

Later in the day, Google also sent out a similar email to Google One subscribers, but with a more direct invitation to try out Bard. The email offered Google One members the opportunity to be among the first to sign up for the new Bard experience and provide feedback.

It is possible that one of the main reasons why Google is pushing Bard so heavily is to gather training data and feedback from a wide audience as it seeks to compete with other conversational AI chat services like ChatGPT and Bing. By inviting users to try out the new AI chat service and provide feedback, Google may be able to refine and improve its technology and stay competitive in this space.

It will be interesting to see how Google controls access to more advanced features as it develops Bard further. The company has a track record of releasing its AI features to Pixel users first, such as the introduction of Smart Compose in Gmail, which was first available on the Pixel 3. This strategy could be applied to Bard as well. By testing its more advanced features on a smaller scale, Google may be able to refine and improve Bard’s capabilities before releasing it to a wider audience.

Via: 9to5Google

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