[Download] Dolphin Browser HD 8.0 Brings A Redesigned Menu Bar, Add-On Sidebar and More

Dolphin Browser HD 8.0 Update

Dolphin Browser HD, one of the most popular Android browsers, was updated in the Google Play Store today to version 8.0. The updated app contains a set of notable changes this time. Here’s the changelog of the updated Dolphin Browser HD 8.0 app:

# Addition of a Menu bar on the not tom of the browser.
# A redesigned and improved side panel, which can be easily navigable with add-ons.
# Add-on sidebar has been improved with both icons and names.
# Addition of a new Dolphin button for easy access to the Dolphin Sonar and Gesture features.

After installing the latest update, the app will forcibly add a desktop icon without asking, but you can remove it later.


Download the updated Dolphin Browser HD app form the Google Play Store. Or else you can grab it form the link provided here at below.

Play Link for Dolphin Browser HD 8.0.

Source: Google Play

1 thought on “[Download] Dolphin Browser HD 8.0 Brings A Redesigned Menu Bar, Add-On Sidebar and More”

  1. Been using Dolphin since years, and it’s definitely the best Android browser. This latest upgrade however makes it less cool than before. I’m sorry Dolphin, bit it is NOT ok to add icons on my desktop without asking. And once removed there is no way to add it again. And seriously – a white page when drawing gestures is so uncool… why not the “fade page to black”-style like before? I’m sorry to say, but you have uglyfied and uncoolified the browser now.


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