[Download] Amazon Kindle Fire Kernel Source Code Available Now

For most of the manufacturers, it is very difficult to release the source code of their devices on time, but a few manufacturers like Asus and Amazon accomplish their responsibilities by releasing the source code, once their devices hit the markets or even before the device hit shelves. Amazon has started shipping the cheapest tablet Kindle Fire since yesterday for just $199.99. Now, Amazon put together  the source code for the Kindle Fire kernel and uploaded it to their developer portal. Now th source code of the Amazon Kindle available, which will enable enthusiastic ROM developers to finally do some proper work on custom ROMs and implementing other tweaks.

Amazon Kindle Fire Kernel Source Code

This would be a great deal to those of you who are looking to pick up the Amazon Kindle Fire and start porting the custom ROMs and tweaks to the kernel of the Kindle Fire tablet. If you are interested in developing the Amazon Kindle Fire, head over to the Amazon Source Code page (hit the link) to grab it or else you can download it from the link provided here at below. The file weighs in at 809MB.

Download Link: Kindle_src_6.2_11185402.tar.gz.

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