[Download] Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM Leaked for HTC One X -Tegra 3 variants

Last month, we have heard numerous Jelly Bean leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now it is HTC One X’s turn. A few members of the XDA have posted the leaked Jelly Bean ROM for some variants of HTC One X over on their forums. The international version of the HTC One X comes with a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. The leaked Jelly Bean ROM is based on the HTC One X+.

The ROM has Android 4.1.1 and HTC Sense 4+. To work, your ROM and your device must belong to one of the following CID groups. If your phone is not included, don’t install the ROM. The CID numbers that can install it include

# cidnum: HTC__001
# cidnum: HTC__E11
# cidnum: HTC__203
# cidnum: HTC__102
# cidnum: HTC__405
# cidnum: HTC__Y13
# cidnum: HTC__A07
# cidnum: HTC__304
# cidnum: HTC__M27
# cidnum: HTC__032
# cidnum: HTC__016
# cidnum: HTC__J15

If your HTC One X is included in the above list, head to the source link to see the directions on installing Jelly Bean. The Quadrant Benchmark test of an HTC One X with the Jelly Bean update resulted in an incredible score of 7031. The AnTuTu score was 12,924, just under the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the HTC One X+.

Download ROM From: xda developers

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