Download Bike Repair App For iPhone And Android

If you are an avid bike rider you might be knowing how it feels like when a bike goes for a repair when you are on the road. You would then wish you were a bit technical so that you could fix it quickly. You can’t carry a repair manual everywhere with your bike but sure a phone can be for sure. That’s the basic idea behind the development of the Atomic Software’s Bike Repair app for smartphones. Bike Repair app offers a comprehensive guides for fixing the most common problems with your bicycle. The app features 42 step-by-step guides for 58 most common problems with over 170 detailed pictures divided into 14 categories.

Bike Rider iPhone app screenshot

Bike Repair app is available for the iOS based smart devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and for Android based smartphones. The app will cost you $2 isn’t much considering the fact that it can save you money for your bike’s most common repairs. For more information about the application, watch the below video:

Download the Bike ride app for:

iOS (iTunes store)

Android (From Android Market)

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