[Download] Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS and iOS 6 Integration, Native Login


Previously,  Facebook  released the SDK 3.0 beta featuring iOS 6 Facebook integration and a new Dev Center for iOS developers. Today, Facebook officially announces the release of the SDK 3.1, which features new tools for mobile app developers interested in taking advantage of Facebook’s native integration with iOS 6 in their apps, on its Developer Blog.

Facebook’s Eddie O’Neil announced the updated SDK through developer blog, saying, “This integration opens up new opportunities for mobile app developers as you can easily build the foundation for a social app, Facebook Login and sharing functionality, into your product.”

  • Here are the new tools for iOS Facebook app developers offered in SDK 3.1
    •    Native Facebook Login -Users login to Facebook once through the settings page and then can instantly give Facebook data permissions to apps without entering their email and password
    •    Native Sharing Sheets –Native “sheet” for posting content to Facebook.
    •    Native, ready-to-use UI controls including Friend Picker, Places Picker, profile picture control, and login controls – Lets apps integrate advanced Facebook features easily
    •    Facebook Login support across iOS versions – Helps developers make sure their app works on old iOS builds.
    •    Easy session management – Keeps user access token up to date.
    •    Improved API support – Improves API speed.
    •    Ad analytics (Beta) – Monitors performance of your Facebook mobile news feed ads and how they’re driving installs.

You can directly download the new Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS from here.

Source: Facebook Developers Blog

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