[Download] Google Maps Updated to Version 6.12, better Zooming and Syncing, Sorry iOS 6 Users!

Google Maps 6.12

Few days ago, Apple’s mobile Operating system iOS 6 replaced Google Maps with its own service. Initial previews of the feature were critical and most accepted that Apple had a long way to go if it was looking to remove power of Google. Reviewers and critics were all over the new service from Apple and several questions were raised. Well as iOS 6 has been released to the users, the complaints will not be coming to an end for now.

So, it may be the one of the possible reasons to release the Google Maps update at the same time when iOS 6 was just getting released. Anyway, Google just published the 6.12 update for Google Maps that includes better syncing of places and directions between PC and Phone, but that is not all that came with the update. You’ll have access to your Maps search history, as well as a list of places for which you have requested directions. They also introduced a new way to zoom without using two fingers which is known as single-handed zooming and is accomplished by tapping once and then holding your finger to the screen on the second tap. Once you held on the second tap, you can easily slide your finger up or down to zoom in and out.

Now, the version 6.12 update is available for download from the Google Play Store for all Android smartphones. One thing that you have to remember is to log into your Google account on your desktop in order for your searches to synchronize across devices. You will see more history with the new feature set also by just going into the “Search” or “Directions” tab under My Places. Under these sections, you will see previous places and business that you searched for as suggestions to save you energy and time.

Install Update from: Google Play Store

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