[Download] [How To] Root/Unroot HTC EVO 4G LTE


Finally, Sprint started shipping the HTC EVO 4G LTE units. Everyone who pre-ordered the HTC EVO 4G LTE via Sprint are receiving a letter of apology and a free HTC TPU case from Sprint. So, you got the New HTC EVO 4G LTE? Want to Root it? Good news is that root has been achieved for the Sprint branded HTC EVO 4G LTE handset. Root access gives you control of the software.

XDA Developer member Zedomax has posted a root solution for the HTC EVO 4G LTE handset. To root the device, you’ll need a Windows PC and a basic understanding of Android.


So, if you’re comfortable with rooting your device, carry on and grab the rooting files and the required HTC drivers from the appropriate links provided here.

EVO 4G LTE Root.zip (Mirror)

HTC Drivers for 32-bit windows | 64-bit windows

The developer has also provided tutorial videos on how to root the device for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux/Ubuntu platforms. You can also unroot the EVO 4G LTE handset, you can grab the RUU file from here and there is a instructional video on how to Unroot Evo 4G LTE completely back to stock.


Source: XDA Developers Forum

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