[Download] Nokia Drive+ Beta for Windows Phone 8 now Available

Nokia introduces Nokia Drive   app, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation

Just after Microsoft had announced Windows Phone 8 operating system for mobile devices, several manufacturers started introducing Windows Phone 8 smartphones. This mobile operating system has certainly added many useful salient features compared to its previous versions but this platform is missing some functionalities that long-time Windows Phone users expect. Among the functionalities, Voice-guided turn-by turn navigation is one of them.

Today, Microsoft and Nokia have announced the beta version of Nokia Drive+, a turn-by-turn navigation app. This app will be available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. This app is free to all Windows Phone 8 customers.
Nokia Drive  Beta

This app gives you access to full turn-by turn voice guided navigation similar to GPS navigation devices. Directions for a selected route are continually presented to the user in the form of spoken and visual instructions and keeps the user up-to-date about the best route to the destination, offline maps, speed limit warnings, and conveniences such as day and night modes.

The Nokia Drive+ Beta is now available for download from Windows Phone Store. In order to get further details how to add this app on your Windows Phone, you can read this user guide as well.

You can get more details about Nokia Drive+, click here.

If you have already installed it, do let us know your experience in comments.

Source: Windows Phone Blog
Via: PhoneArena

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