[Download] Nova Launcher 2.0 Brings Custom Icon Sizes, Improved Performance and more

Nova Launcher 2.0 for Android

Rocking the popular Nova Launcher app on your Android phone? If yes, there’s an update to the app, hitting the new version v2.0, and it brings tons of new features.

On the free version of the Nova Launcher, it has got custom wallpaper cropping, an infinitely scrolling app drawer setting, a setting for making small dock icons, and an increased maximum desktop grid size. On the paid ‘Prime’ version of the, users will be able to select custom icon sizes, apply swipe actions to any desktop icon. It is also carrying an improved scrolling performance, unexplained bug fixes, enhancements, and lower memory usage for faster access and many more. There’s a fix to force wallpaper scrolling on U.S. Galaxy S II editions, and a setting to force the phone to keep the launcher locked in memory.

Nova Launcher 2.0 Screenshots

Here’s the full changelog of the Nova Launcher v2.0 app (courtesy of Android Police):

  • Custom Icon Size (Prime)
  • Swipe actions on any desktop icon (Prime)
  • Custom wallpaper cropping
  • Increase maximum desktop grid size
  • Infinite Scroll Drawer Setting
  • Alphabetical list drawer style
  • Small Icons Dock Setting
  • Force wallpaper scrolling on USA SGS2
  • Aggressive Desktop Setting (Keep in memory)*
  • Lower memory usage
  • Improve scrolling performance
  • Fixes, optimizations and tuning

*"Retrieve Running Apps" used for Aggressive Desktop and warning when multiple launchers are running

Additional changes:

  • "Swipe to open folder" allowing swiping over a desktop or dock folder to open it, with the tap action doing something else (such as opening an app).
  • Use app icons as replacement icons, for example to change a folder icon into the icon of an app within it
  • Disc background for folders
  • Folder background transparency
  • Slightly redesigned Nova Action icons (and at Nexus 10 resolution)
  • Auto-close options for drawer and dock
  • Merge Android 4.2 changes
  • New background image for settings apps

Hit the appropriate links below to download the updated Nova Launcher app from Play Store.

Free Nova Launcher 2.0 | Prime Nova Launcher 2.0 for $4

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