[Download] Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE Receiving Update 3.16.651.3

Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Update 3.16.651.3

Heads up, HTC EVO 4G LTE owners. If you have this handset running on Sprint network, you may want to head into Settings > About Phone and see if the latest OTA update is available on your handset. The update, which bumps the device up to build 3.16.651.3. This is an important update, bringing a few enhancements and a bug fix. After upgrading to this build, you will be able to stream audio/video to a HDTV via an MHL cable.

The update also includes improved Wi-Fi, improved Bluetooth compatibility, Proximity sensor improvements while you are on a call or listening to voicemail. This update also fixes Android process/application shutdown issue.

Sprint is in the process of pushing out this update now. To see if it’s available on your phone, head into Menu –> Settings –> System updates –> HTC software update –> Check now. Otherwise, you can wait to be notified when it hits your handset.

Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE Update 3.16.651.3

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