[Download] Touch ClockworkMod Recovery Outed For Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S Phones

Touch-enabled ClockworkMod Recovery

Good news for heavy Android tweakers/hackers. The official version of the Touch-enabled ClockworkMod Recovery Beta is now available for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus now.This ClockworkMod Recovery has been teasing since last week. Along with the Galaxy Nexus handset (consider both GSM and CDMA variants), the beta version of the touch-based ClockworkMod Recovery is also available to flash on Samsung-made GSM compatible Google Nexus S handset

However, you can take full advantage of the touch screen. You need to put some efforts while scrolling through list of the files. But, the work already looks promising. Of course, you don;t need to navigating with the hardware buttons and CMW also promises “there will be better graphics and whatnot later,”


The code write Koushik Dutta himself posted both the Touch-enabled ClockworkMod Recovery images for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S handsets on its Google+ page. You can download the required images from the following links provided here at below.

# Touch-based CWM Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/GSM).
# Touch-based CWM Recovery for Nexus S (GSM).

According to CMW, users should flash the new touch recovery beta using fastboot.

Source: Google+

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