[Download] Twitter Introduces Vine App for iPhone To Share Short, Looping Videos

Twitter Vine for iPhone

Twitter has officially announced new standalone video sharing service called “Vine” for iPhones and iPod touch devices. It is service that allows users to capture and share brief, looping videos online. This app lets the Twitter users to capture short videos and then embed them directly into tweets on Twitter’s website. The videos should be up to 6 seconds long with sound and loop automatically on the Twitter website. Like an animated GIF, these videos will loop endlessly with slightly better quality. Back in December 2012, Twitter has introduced Instagram-like photo filters for Android and iOS platforms.

The looping video appear directly beneath the text of a tweet in your timelines and it will start playing automatically when a tweet is expanded. These short clips also support sound and can also be shared to Facebook and you can hashtag posts, and explore various hashtags, trending topic. Twitter purchased the Vine developer team back in October.

You can shoot the looping video, by heading into the camera mode and tap and hold on screen. The capturing stops when you release it. You can also join different moments in a clip. Vine reports that they are currently working on porting the app for other platforms.

Twitter Vine for iPhone

So, there you go iPhone users, download the Vine app from the below link and start sharing square video clips on your timeline.

iTunes Link

Here is a couple of tweets with Vine videos embedded into them.


Source: Twitter Blog, iTunes Store

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