[Download] Verizon HTC Trophy Firmware Update For Radio Coming Soon

Verizon HTC Trophy Firmware Update

Verizon is set to roll out a new firmware update for its first-ever and only Windows Phone, the HTC Trophy. The new firmware update 2305.13.20110.605 will bring radio, and, according to the documents posted on Verizon support website, the update will bring “improved data connectivity in certain scenarios when Connection Setup application is installed”. It’s just a minor update and no other improvements, as well as other bug fixes haven’t been included with this update.


HTC Trophy users will receive a notification on their handsets asking them to upgrade their handsets’ software. As it is a Windows Phone, you won’t be able to automatically upgrade your handset. You will be required to install Zune Software Tool (hit the link to down it) and follow the following instructions to upgrade HTC Trophy handset.

Verizon HTC Trophy Firmware Update

# Download Zune Software tool from the above link and install it on your Windows running PC machine.
# Mac users should install Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac (hit the link).
# Connect HTC Trophy to PC using an USB cable.
# Run the Zune software on PC.
# Click Update button from the phone summary page.
# If it found Update, accept it.
# Follow the on-screen instructions and let it finish the upgrade process.
# That’s it.

There is now word on date about when the update will be made available to HTC Trophy handset. We will keep you update you when the update starts rolling out.

Source: Verizon

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