[Download] Windows RT tethered Push button Jailbreak tool now available

Microsoft Surface

There have been several reports on Jailbroken Windows RT recently. Jailbroken Operating systems will allow the execution of unsigned applications. In the view of these reports and rumors, Microsoft already issued a statement saying it does not consider the findings to be part of a security vulnerability. Now, a tool to Jailbreak Windows RT has been released to the public.

A senior member of XDA Developers, netham45 has released a Windows RT Jailbreak tool. The tool can accomplish a tethered jailbreak. The RT Jailbreak tool needs only to be loaded and run on the tablet(Surface) without any need for the user to poke around in the Windows kernel. The tool is a batch file that automates the exploit process. As the exploit is tethered, the setting needs to be changed each time the PC boots up and it will only work for unsigned ARM desktop apps.

Currently there are only a handful of unsigned ARM apps available for installation. As the Jailbreak is now accomplished, more apps is expected soon and the ecosystem should grow as long as this jailbreak is functional.

Regarding the Jailbreak, we have to wait what Microsoft has to say. An update to fix the exploit is inevitable, but it will be up to you to install it or not. Even if your Jailbreak is not functional after an update, you always have the choice of “Restore”.

Download From Source: XDA Developers Forum

Via: Engadget

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