Extended Battery Kit for Samsung Galaxy S III to ship from January 5 in Germany

Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery kit

In spite of mobile devices having many outstanding features, without a suitable battery capability, those devices are less attracted to the mobile users in this competitive electronic market. So, a week ago, Korean mobile manufacturer introduced a 3000mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

A week ago, British retailer Mobile Fun started taking pre-order for the official Samsung made extended battery. The battery will be available at 39 GBP ($65 USD). But there is no information yet when the extended battery will be shipped by the British retailer.

Now, Amazon Germany lists the Samsung Galaxy S III extended battery at €39.90 including VAT ($52.76 USD). It will be available from a third party called 1A electronic house starting from January 5, 2013. Amazon is now offering the battery kit cheaper than the price of the battery from Mobile Fun. It is expected that the extended battery can run more than two hours longer than the original Samsung Galaxy S III’s 2100mAh battery. The Extended battery kit comes with a standard capacity of 3000mAh and it will be available in two colors, one is in white and another is in blue.

Initially, the extended battery was launched in the UK and now in Germany. So, we hope that it will be available in other countries very soon. Stay tuned.

If you would like to know the full technical specification of the handset, click here.

Source: Amazon

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