[Download] Facebook 1.6 For Android App Available Now

the Facebook 1.6 for Android enters private beta on May 31st and the app leaves out of the beta stage now. The full version of the Facebook 1.6 for Android app is now available to download from Android Market with a nice range of new features added into the public version of the Facebook 1.6 app.

Facebook 1.6 App For Android Available

Facebook 1.6 version brings a set of new features in addition to a series of bug fixes. Users are now able to easily view Pages in addition to Profiles. It brings the ability to upload video from within the app, and finally it got some improvements to the news feed. Moreover, the updated application would offer the users the possibility to easily view Pages, as well as Profiles. It looks like the ability to like comments they see in their news views hasn’t been included in the final version of the Facebook 1.6. The previous Facebook 1.5.4 version has arrived only with a bag full of bug fixes, and not much to ay about the previous update.


Head over to Android Market (hit the link) to download the Facebook 1.6 App for Android for Free, which is weighing at the sixe of 2.9MB. Android devices are required to be running with Android 1.5 or an higher version to take advantage of this app. You can also scan through the follwing QR code to get this updated app.

Facebook 1.6 App For Android Available

[Source: Android Market]

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