[Download] Facebook 2.3 App For Windows Phone Available Now

Facebook 2.3 App For Windows Phone

Have you seen any notification pop up on the Marketplace Tile of your Windows Phone? There’s an update waiting for your Facebook application. The new update will bump the version of the Facebook app up to 2.3. The newly updated Facebook 2.3 app brings a lot of performance improvements, as well as some new features.

# New profile design.
# Feed filters.
# Groups.
# Pages.
# Ability to View “Likes”.
# Posting privacy.
# Bug fixing
# Banner Images.
# News feed performance improvements.
# New panorama design.
# Improved navigation.

Here is the statement about updated Facebook app for Windows Phone platform:

Test out your groups. Visit your pages. Look at who likes your posts. Change the banner image. Check out the improved news feed performance. Use the new filters. Explore the improved navigation.


You can download the updated Facebook 2.3 app from the Marketplace link provided here at below.

Market Link – Facebook 2.3 for Windows Phone.

Please note that Microsoft hasn’t yet added the Facebook 2.3 app on Marketplace. So, you should try an alternate way to get the updated app.


The Facebook 2.3 App is now live in the Windows Marketplace.

You can also update the Facebook app on your Windows Phone by heading into Marketplace –> search for Facebook –> Enter the App page  –> Hit back and enter the page again –> now click on the Update button.


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